Our June and December meetings are scheduled to be "short topics" presentations, featuring several 15 minute presentations on topics of interest to production system administrators. Contact us if you would like to give a short presentation at one of these events.

If you would like to present at an upcoming BayLISA meeting, or would like to suggest a topic/presenter/event, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or through our Meetup page.

Guide to Announcements on BayLISA

The BayLISA population has always appreciated the efficient, concise distribution of timely information. The board has set up a mailing list for announcements and general information flow, as well as a special list for the distribution of email related to finding and filling job positions. We also have an open forum at each main meeting on the third Thursday of each month for making in person announcements, including job related announcements.

The board strives to keep these announcements concise, efficient and direct. Thus, we supply the following guidelines to announcements to members of our lists, and attendees at our meetings:

  • Keep it short:
    System administrators are particularly susceptible to information overload. We get tons of it, and we don't need any more then is needed. Keeping your announcements short and concise will allow them to get the main jist of your message quickly and decide on their interest level quickly.
  • Advertise positions, not companies:
    We can track down companies on the web and via other means when we need to, it is part of how most of us do our jobs day to day. Keeping your announcements centered on actual open positions will help you keep it short and provide the best method for the readers/listeners to quickly determine their interest.
  • Provide related materials unobtrusively:
    Flyers, etc. and the public forums are welcome, but make it a one pager, something easily recycled after the meeting is over so that we can clean up our meeting space quickly and so that the attendees can quickly determine their interest level.
  • Provide good contact information:
    Provide in writing or email a good phone number, email address, and web site so that as our members determine their interest they can contact you after the meeting, after work, etc. and get further information.

These guidelines will keep our members from being deluged with even more long, undesired ads while still giving them the basic information they need to track you down and get details. This keeps them on our lists and attending our meetings, which is good for everyone.